About Us


Our Story


The true story of holiday trip which ultimately led towards a healthy discovery of Premium Raw Honey and ended up to a mission to improve the lifestyles and to provide consumers straight access to the pure raw honey of the world. The premium honey is committed to providing Unpasteurized Raw honey without any preservatives, at the fairest price, while ensuring sustainable practices and fair treatment of the honey bees who are providing us with incredibly precious nectar. To learn more about our mission and to support the protection of Honeybees

“I always thought of honey as God's great provision for Humanity” – Zia


Our Promise

Our customers are a top priority, you are precious to us. ‘The premium Honey’ guarantees Raw honey, as we say we mean it.

Our honey is pure, unpasteurized which preserves all the goodness, enzymes & naturally contains beeswax, bee pollen, and propolis.


Our Focus

‘The premium Honey’ takes you as a family, we wish that all should experience the taste of purity and take all the goodness of honey you deserve.

It's not only about us, as honey is a gift of nature getting through Honeybees, but we also take care of


Our Values

‘When we visit grocery stores, there are a lot of honey brands, but one thing is always not sure, A question comes in mind i.e Is it pure or Raw? And for many people, it remains a dream to have raw honey. Our brand ‘The Premium Honey’ is stick to a mission to provide raw honey to our customers at reasonable prices. If you buy our premium honey, we promise you an addition of well-being in your lifestyle.


Founder Background

‘Mr. Zia has started the raw honey brand ’The premium honey’. He is a business graduate from a well-known educational institute of Lahore. He is experienced in different fields of Customer Services, Digital Marketing & Project Management. He got the idea by the need of his own family, who were always demanding pure honey. By introducing "The Premium Honey" he wants to provide the best quality raw honey in reasonable price and making it a reality that good things are still available and affordable.

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