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 We just love honeybees and we are planning ahead to give complete knowledge and information regarding the role of bees providing us one of the most healthy foods. We believe to work for the comfort of honeybees and help them by avoiding usage of pesticides etc. We are really looking forward to giving our support to local beekeepers.


  1. The most important ingredient is 100% natural sunlight? This energy travels almost 93 million miles to the flowers that use the sunlight to begin making honey!


  1. After sunlight does finally reach Earth, it is used by acacia trees, and sidr trees to grow, produce flowers, and fill the flowers with nectar. Nectar is a sweet sugary liquid that is extracted from flowers.


  1. Plants use its bright colored flowers and sweet nectar to seek the attention of pollinators like honeybees to visit. While visiting flowers, honeybees can collect delicious nectar as much as they can. When the honeybees roam around the flowers, their little bodies get covered in pollen


  1. A honeybee then travels to the flowers of several other plants spreading around the collected pollen. This process is called cross-pollination. Cross-pollination is a very important part of the plants’ seed making process. Seeds are required to produce the next generation of plants!


  1. The honeybee takes the collected nectar back to its beehive. The wild honey bees make their beehives in any empty space, like a hollow tree.

Beekeepers arrange hive boxes for bees,To make their home they are usually made of wood. Space can be managed by loading the boxes one on another as the colony grows. The place where a beekeeper keeps all of her hives is called an apiary.


  1. The colony will begin to grow once it settles into a beekeeper’s beehive boxes. The Queen Bee is responsible for laying eggs. A Queen Bee can lay more than 1000 eggs a day so that’s why colony grows fast


  1. The honeybees who visit flowers & collect nectar are known as Worker Bees. When the Worker Bees return from the flowers, they deposit the nectar collected into little cells that are hexagon-shaped spaces in the hives. When the cell is full of nectar, other Worker Bees will fan the nectar with fast moving wings. They do this to evaporate the water from the nectar creating honey.


  1. When the hive boxes are full of honey, the beekeepers will gently remove the honeycomb and extract the honey.


9. Our beekeepers carefully fill containers of their honey and deliver to us. Some of the beekeepers send us the bee boxes with the honey still in the combs. we test a sample from each source using a specialized lab in Islamabad to confirm its precise composition, purity, and quality We strain and filter the honey our self at our place with the help of a strainer and pour pure honey into jars for our customer's flawless experience.


  1. So, here we have the ingredients in pure honey;
  • Sunlight
  • Nectar of blossoms
  • Hard work of Honeybees
lots of care & lovengine listing.
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